Tidycode Pl/Sql Formatter version 2.6.0

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-added: an Pl/Sql preprocessor similar to a C preprocessor except it is safer to use
-fixed: potential out of memory error if block depth was more then 10
-fixed: fix for the TYPE objects causing Syntax error:not found "", ...
-fixed: it now preserves end of line format (dos/unix/macos)
-improved: formatting for aling types in table defs and maximum/minimum list items per line
-added: very general switches,-ifs -ei, certain statements of the code can be formatted differently
-added -ifsl,-ifsib, they turn off the syntax chacking and formmtting effect of / in source
-improved: mroe informative error message if the brackets are not balanced
-added: object declarationsattributes are also aligned
-fixed: with -id switch when declaring object, there was a constructor, it caused syntax error
-added: -swx, -dswx,-swcx . they print switches with eXplanations
-fixed: sometimes bad formatting/crash when prompt contained '
-fixed: -dbvn was not working at times
-fixed: the indentation for begin/end did not match sometimes for -id

-added: automatic comments for insert statements: -sic,-ric

-fixed Experimenter: search menu
-sdded: Tool Installer for easier installation
-fixed: print usage message
-fixed: new lines were omitted html output in long multiline quotes and other cases
-fixed: potential infinite loops
-fixed: number token (scientific notation)
-improved: better unclosed error messages
-fixed: somewhat incorrect error message if the formatter fails internally
-improved: the pair not found error message

- added styles: -al,-ar,-sqll,-sqlr
- fixed/added styles: -ol,-alol
- added switches: -ir,ior,-efr
- fixed: -ef
- added switch: -odr
- added: switches sbi related
- added:-isis,-ins,-iu,-iaw
- added:-rbi+
- added: -plo+
- added: -sdw
- fixed: -pl did not work for empty files
- added:-swc
- fixed: crash if -gsfif is used with multiple files
- improved: -as now formats more lines in Sql.(expressions,one line Sql-s)
- extended: -actv+ has also effect on views.
- added/fixed: when multiple files are formatted, the error code of the last failed formatting is returned
- fixed: excessive memory allocation error
- fixed: declare/begin was not indented properly sometimes if preceded by sql

- fixed: bad line numbering/incorrect line numbers were reported in error messages
if linebreaks were added by the formatter
- fixed: q' quoting did not work properly for q'[ and similar cases.
- added/fixed: type body-s are now recognised as a block
- added: type body-s get a linebreak after them as packages do
(maintain linebreak after packages also affects type body-s and specs)
-added: -ps switch
-fixed: -v and -x might not have printed right information if
get switches from input file was on
-added: -soe switch
-added: multiple file can be formatted using globbing and multiple -i switches
-added switches: print result+, indent if in else,reverse block stack listing+,
show filenames+,
-improved: + is not needed after switches
-fixed: sometimes a new line were added if -rla... type of switches
-fixed: potential crash point when using -milipl
-fixed: sometimes the software did not format a source with long line
with a lot of wrappings. It required -actv+
-fixed: crash if first line started with when
-improved: -actv+ and -mcs result in better formatting, there is more wrapping
-fixed: some syntax errors were not detected. (e.g. end if; after begin)
-fixed: -ls..,it was appended to the end of command line instead of inserted
-added: -mte+
-added: -od output directory, -ef exclude files
-fixed: maximum backup version is now not set to 40 when -gsfif+ exists.
-fixed: align aliases could cause a line not to be wrapped unnecessarily.
-fixed: for long lines and -aci+ and acav+, in some lines, spaces were not reduced which produces overflowing lines.
-fixed: the program may have crashed if -b 0
-improved: now it can format code that contains character entity references
-fixed: end label ,pair of begin caused syntax error.
-fixed: never ending execution, it required -mcs,-kpit+ switches
and "is" to be at a certain position
-fixed: now the conditions after case/when are also aligned for align conditions
-fixed: standalone comments were badly positioned sometimes before ;
-fixed:comments were wrapped unnecessarily if acdv+ was and -mcs was used
-added: -w, warning switch
-improved: < > are padded with spaces too
-fixed: maintain/remove lines after procedure,.etc
-fixed: some reare crash

-Experimenter: -fixed setting a default colour in highlighters (in options menu)
-fixed: if := and => were closed in a code, =>s were not aligned vertically
-added operator ** (exponentiation)
-added: 2 switches: -pl (prepend logo) and -gsfif (get switches from input file)
-fixed:=> and = were not aligned sometimes if they were very close
-added:align consecutive equalities vertically (-acev)
-fixed:when using switches -id+ and -actv+,inside packages there was an extra indent
-extended the effect of -actv+, it also formats records and formal parameters
-added switch:align consecutive types vertically in create tables (-actvct)
-added:-aav switch which is align aliases vertically,it formats aliases found in sql
-extended the effect of -actv+, it also formats the parameters of cursors
-fixed:-acav,-acarv,-actv did cause bad formatting when there
were multiple formatable tokens in a line (e.g. there or more declarations in a line)
-Experimenter: added confirm save changes dialog
-Experimenter: more exact line synchronisation of editors
-Experimenter: faster formatting through -b 0
-fixed: -sw+ did not return -il switches
-fixed: merge commands are now formatted better if -au is on.
-fixed: -ac+ caused some formatting problems e.g. after when/then
-fixed: insert-selects look better if there are whens as well.
-fixed: selects were positioned badly if -rs+ and -acav+ and there was := before select.
-fixed : -ctis+ caused internal error at times
-fixed/improved: multilevel case expressions are formatted properly
-fixed: -ctis did not convert some comments
-improved: all statements following starting comments/spaces are indented
-fixed: case expression was recognised sometimes as a statement
-improved: -bus did not put a break before/after union/intersect/minus
-fixed: some lines were not broken up exactly if max column size was set and remove spaces was on
-fixed : sometimes exit code 2 was not returned when there was an error
-fixed: function parameters were not sometimes wrapped when -actv+
-fixed: after a wrapped is, first type was not aligned correctly
-fixed : sometimes badly indented := in declaration for actv+ and aroa+ and maxcolsize != 0
-fixed: sometimes in sqlplus, sql statements were aligned as types.
-fixed: in formal parameters lists, lines were longer than permitted by maxcolsize if
minimum list items perl line was set
-improved: spaces before trailing comments are not removed by -c+ or -co+
-improved: aliases defined with as are aligned after as..
-improved: -as+, there is an alignment after select distinct
-improved: -rs+
-improved: continuation character - is taken into account for REM[ARK]
-added: doc[ument] sqlplus command is recognised
-fixed: bogus brackets syntax errors when formatting = or like and brackets were to be wrapped
-improved: col number is displayed in case of bracket syntax errors
-improved: the indentation of wrapped lines in sql
-improved: Experimenter clears right editor window when opening the file
-improved: Experimenter shows command line window on double clicking command line

-fixed: -abuc converted single line comments when it is not set
-fixed: conversion of single line comments with embedded */
-fixed: line numbering problem for wrapped comments
-fixed: identifiers containing dots were not capitalised correctly
-fixed: bad line number due to -pcr
-fixed: subtypes now break vertical alignment in declarations
-added: case statements are accepted in assignments too now
-fixed: -milipl 0 turned on -pcr+
-fixed: floating-point numbers are not broken up
-added: *,/ are now affected by -co+
-added: html output options
-Experimenter: -fixed many key assignment related bugs (in options menu)
-Experimenter: -added Quick open,automatic formatting option
-added:default configuration file tpsf.cfg which is loaded at startup if it exists
-added: better treatment of signs before numbers (for -co+)
-added: "between and" syntax is formatted differently (for -plouwh+)
-extended/fixed: -sw prints more information

-fixed/improved -buml
-fixed:line numbers of errors were not correctly reported sometimes for -m...,-r... switches
-new switches: -milipl,-mlipl
-fixed: -iac was not effective in simple pl/sql
-new switches: -mlacd,-rlacd
-new switches: -mlafu,-rlafu
-new switch: -rlael
-new switch: -mcs and subswitches: -asc,-amc,-abusc,-abuc
-fixed : -sao (it did not put space after , in many cases)
-fixed : false too many closing brackets error when align assignments is on
and assignments are used in parameter lists.
-fixed: -actv+ related bogus errors
-fixed: align after assignment was not formatting properly in parameter lists
-fixed: -aroa did not format correctly when -clb was off and () occured on the right side
of an assignment.
-improved : more information is printed about block stack in case of error

-improved/fixed case statements in selects
-fixed nice indents (caused bad formatting to union of selects)
-added q operator
- new -cs switch
-experimenter: added handling of mac line endings
-autodetection of line endings
-bus+ is more accurate
-fixed bad formatting of whens in case statements when -as+
-fixed bad -aroa formatting in case statements

-experimenter: new menu options, redefinable keys, remember views
-experimenter: many small changes towards a more user-friendly interface

-new: remove linebreaks type of switches
-experimenter: improved tab order,line information,new key shortcuts
-experimenter:save as menu
- -ae switch

- fixed -acav+/acarv+ for a special case
- new switch: -sw+
- experimenter: added quick styles, mutually exclusive switches
- fixed right-aligned sql formatting for some special cases

-fixed -acav+, -avarv+ when there are multiple assignments or arrows in a line

2.3.1 (26.6.2007)
-fixed -0
-speeded up the code , depending on switches and source size it can be up to 6x.
-new option buml
-fixed crash if a source started with trigger/procedure/function keywords
-extended formatter, it now formats sources which start with trigger/procedure/function keywords
-fixed now the formatter stops if detects unclosed /*
-the formatter stops if detects unopened */ (9.6.2007)
-fixed error related to align := and declarations
(declarations were not aligned fully, instead in smaller groups)
-fixed "put commas right" broke formatting of lists if there was a space after comma
-more delicate handling of put commas right
-fixed crash for solitary OR
-fixed compactify interfered with aligning := and declarations
-alignment of := was continued across ELSE statement
-fixed occasional bogus syntax errors when -actv+ and -acav+
-fixed incorrect line numbers reported in bracket syntax errors
-fixed incorrect line numbers reported in "not found" syntax errors
-fixed bogus error pair of for not found for trigger when indenting declarations si on
-fixed sql keywords were mistakenly used in triggers resulting in bad formatting
for sql formatting
-fixed bogus syntax error for standalone procedures/functions/triggers if -id+
-fixed align consecutive assignment when -co+
-improved formatting consecutive assignment if one follows another
and there is an else between them
-fixed align consecutive assignment when -co+

2.3 (24.5.2007)
-align arrows vertically new feature
-fixed bogus too many brackets error related to -acav and -acarv
-smarter code integrity test, it happens in more cases.(-pcr is affected).
-fixed logical operations are now not right-aligned if inside brackets
-fixed crash when there are too many ends and declaration based variables is on.
-fixed align assignments+align types in declaration caused crash in some cases
-fixed backup (too many backups were created in a bad directory)
-fixed -ls
-fixed an alignments error in general
-changed priorites of alignments and lists (so selects in brackets look nicer)
-added "connect by" and "start with" to sql
-fixed -aroa

-implemented put commas right
-fixed crash of procedure without is
-new switch -kwtt

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